Top 5 Best Subwoofers under $500: A Complete Buying Guide

The search for a good and powerful subwoofer to meet a five hundred dollar budget could be quite challenging as there are plethora of different products available today.

Each and every of these products have their own unique feature and benefit and this also contributes to why it is so difficult to settle for or even identify good and quality products.

For this reason we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you the best subwoofers which would match your two hundred dollar budget and regardless of what you need it for whether it is for use in a room or just wanting to impress your neighbors then we have you covered.

What Are Subwoofers?

Subwoofers also referred to as complete loudspeakers are electronic equipments or gadgets which are designed towards reproducing low pitched audio frequencies including sub bass and bass sounds. They can either be just one or more properly mounted in a loudspeaker cabinet or enclosure which is normally made using wooden material.

Notable Factors To Consider When Choosing Subwoofers

Below is a list of some key factors buyers must pay attention to before parting ways with their money when it comes to shopping for subwoofers;

  • price
  • front firing or down firing port
  • type of enclosure
  • wired or wireless subs
  • size
  • design
  • features

A Complete Guide On Selecting A Good Subwoofer That Would Match Your $500 Budget

Please go through this review before parting ways with your money;

5. Yamaha 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer – Black (NS-SW100BL)

This powerful subwoofer boasts of an advanced Yamaha Servo technology which plays in huge role in ensuring maximum performance as well as guaranteeing sounds pressure of the highest and best levels and some of its impressive features include; high density MDF cabinet, high cut filter, longs stroke cone, low frequency response and many more.

If you want a reliable subwoofer which will provide you with minimal noise action combined with high dynamic power then the Yamaha NS-SW2100BL 10-inch 100 watt powered subwoofer gadget is obviously the right choice for you.

One advantage that this subwoofer has over other products available today is its Advanced Yamaha Servo Technology which makes sure that both the amplifier and the speaker works hand in hand so as to ensure that they get rid of impedance which tends to affect or hinder products output.


  1. Superb bass sounds
  2. Easy to setup
  3. Great product for the money
  4. Affordable
  5. Great sturdy housing


  1. Described as a 10-inch product but it is actually an 8-inch product

4. Kicker 44DCWC122 12″ 1200W Car Subwoofers Sub Enclosure + Amp + Capacitor + Wire

Featuring an RMS of six hundred watts and maximum power of one thousand two hundred watts, the Kicker 44DCWC122 car subwoofer is one powerful and reliable subwoofer that provides a whole lot of sound for your listening pleasure and it also boasts of a proven box construction which sure guarantees durability for long lasting use.

Some notable features of this car subwoofer includes internal bracing design and well rounded corners which provides additional support and extra strength and also this well designed kicker subwoofer also boasts of slots which helps in providing extra volume.

Another advantage that comes with using the Kicker 44DCW122 12-inch subwoofer is it works effectively in getting rid of distortion and flex thanks to its injection molded and lightweight cone which also helps in delivering crystal clear sounds.


  1. Amazing product
  2. Sounds great
  3. Easy to setup
  4. Fast delivery service
  5. Recommended for beginners


  1. Look quality amp
  2. Not compatible with new mazda cx5

3. JBL Arena S10 Black 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer with Special Edition Grilles & Logo Black

If you are in the market today and you are finding it difficult to find a good sound speaker that delivers extreme and amazing sounds and powerful bass then you don’t need to find anymore as the JBL Arena S10 10-inch powered subwoofer proves to be the right choice for you and you are also guaranteed that this highly rated product would play its role just as it is expected.

It boasts of dual rear ports combined with a top quality polycellulose woofer which helps in improving bass sounds while its class-D amplifier which features controls mounted at the back ensures that you connect easily with a system or even gives way for easy and quick setup.

However, it comes with everything you need such as an instructional manual, power cord, safety sheet and more.


  1. Amazing bass sounds
  2. Good aesthetics
  3. Excellent design and great value product
  4. Superior brand name
  5. Unmatched performance


  1. Produces a humming sounds during use
  2. Another product model gets delivered

2. Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black)

The Polk Audio PSW505 12-inch powered subwoofer is one electronic gadget which will provide you with amazing, astonishing and powerful sounds at a very affordable price.

Looking at the subwoofer, you would be convinced that it is built to last as it boasts of top quality materials used in construction that ensures long lasting use.

Unlike other poorly designed subwoofers available today, this highly rated product from Polk Audio is one that won’t slide across the room during use as it boasts of a sturdy and well designed feet which ensures it stays firmly in place.

With this highly rated product, you are rest assured that you would be taking your games, shows, music and movies experience to the next level.


  1. Delivers impressive and amazing sounds
  2. Comes with a volume adjustable mode
  3. Recommended for use with tower speakers
  4. Comes with less noticeable port noise

1. Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black)

Made out of the best manufacturing process and also constructed using top quality materials, the Polk Audio PSW10 10-inch powered subwoofer is certainly one of the best subwoofers ever made.

They are designed to be the best and meet every laid down standard as they pass some quality tests, UV salt exposure and signal dropping response test, drop testing and many more.

These subwoofers are designed to function for a lifetime and one of the major benefits that comes with having this highly rated subwoofer in your home is it will take your movie and music experience to the next level.

This gadget proves to be a great addition to any home or setup and it also boasts of a front cabinet design which helps in providing it with a low profile look. Meanwhile, it also boasts of down firing port which helps in boosting bass impact.


  1. Sounds amazing
  2. Great value for the money
  3. Comes with a lot of power
  4. Works well with JBL floor speakers
  5. Good looking design


  1. Smells odd and moldy
  2. Tends to experience distortion during use

Other Interesting Products Include;

1. Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10″ 300w Powered Subwoofer (Black)

Whether you are concerned about achieving a 5.1 richter scale or achieving a 5.1 surround system, this high quality subwoofer from Klipsch is the ideal companion for everyone and one reason why this subwoofer is widely used and popular among customers is because it is specially designed to provide a superior bass sound for your listening pleasure.

It produces room filling bass sounds thanks to its digital amplifier and front firing driver and these features also go a long way in providing placement stability for this gadget. One advantage that this gadget has over product on the market is the fact that it allows compatibility with new and old receivers thanks to its LFE and LIFE inputs.


  1. awesome design
  2. sounds great
  3. worth the price
  4. powerful
  5. superior bass sounds


  1. not durable

2. MTX TNE212D 12″ 1200W Dual Loaded Car Subwoofers + Box + Planet 1500W Amp + Kit

Featuring the combination of a perfect enclosure design and great subwoofer design, the MTX TNE212D subwoofer is the one that produces loud bass sounds that surpasses users expectations and one advantage that makes this product stand out from the rest on the market is its spider plateau ventilating design which helps in promoting a good cooling effect  as well as promote better heat dissipation.

This well designed subwoofer can be mounted and installed easily in SUV’s and trunks and durability is also guaranteed when talking about this product as its enclosure is made using a high quality fiber board which ensures long lasting use as well as helping to withstand against tough use.


  1. durable
  2. sounds great and loud
  3. hits lows extremely well
  4. worth the price
  5. fast delivery service
  6. easy installation


  1. came with a very thin cable
  2. amplifier failed to work

3. Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer

Boom boom boom are the sounds users would get used to when it comes to listening to our favorite songs on this subwoofer or even when watching movies on this powerful subwoofer as it is specially designed to produce chest thumping bass sounds which would fill up every room and thanks to its digital amplifier and front firing driver, users are assured of placement flexibility and loud bass sounds.

Its digital amplifier works effectively in producing up to 400 watts of power and with this subwoofer, users can easily connect with old and new receivers thanks to its LFE and LIFE inputs.


  1. unbelievable bass sounds
  2. durable
  3. affordable
  4. top class performance
  5. recommended for music and movies
  6. fast delivery service

4. Polk Audio 12 Inches 400 Watts Home Theater Subwoofer Black Walnut (HTS SUB 12 BLK WAL)

This is one amazing subwoofer which would enhance or boost the sound and audio experience when watching your movies or listening to your favorite music as it is well designed to provide ground shaking bass sounds and unlike other poorly designed subwofers available on the market today, this is the one that you would find quite easy to work with as it comes with controls to the phase correction, low pass filter and volume.

With this subwoofer users can easily connect with other receivers and processors using its LFE or RCA inputs while other notable features include a unique power port technology, balanced driver, high class amplifier and more.


  1. uses up less space
  2. nice for the budget
  3. smooth and clean bass
  4. its driver doesn’t vibrate while in use
  5. solidly constructed
  6. fast delivery service


  1. no ground shaking bass

5. Definitive Technology SuperCube 2000 Subwoofer

The definitive technology supercube subwoofer is one product users are quite impressed with as it would produce extremely loud bass sounds for the best audio experience and it is also a gadget one can easily place anywhere as its compact design enables it to fit into any space perfectly.

The interesting feature of this subwoofer is it produces deep low bass which is suitable when watching your favorite movies while its unique high end makes it suitable for listening to our favorite songs.


  1. compact yet powerful
  2. excellent sound experience
  3. works as described
  4. considered as the best audio solution on the market
  5. looks good


  1. produces lots of distortion
  2. not durable

Final Verdict – What You Should Know

Purchasing a decent and reliable subwoofer doesn’t require you spending a fortune and listed above are the best subwoofers which would match your five hundred dollar budget as well as providing you with the best audio experience.

Take your time to review each and every one of them and you would realize that it is truly worth your time.


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