Best Shoes for Pregnancy: A Step By Step Buying Guide

Realistically Speaking, Pregnancy Hurts A Lot Especially The Legs, The Back And Around The Feet Region And It Is Also Painful To Stand Or Take A Walk. They Also Tend To Make The Feet More Swollen And At This Point, What A Woman Needs Is Comfort And Support So Check Out These Best Shoes For Pregnancy:

Not only do you need new clothes during your pregnancy period but you also need to get new shoes that would make you feel extremely comfortable. Even though the feet is expected to swell during the pregnancy period, it is also necessary that you get yourself a shoe which would improve balance, stability and support in every step you take.

These shoes are very important as they help to prevent injuries and providing comfort but it is quite difficult to tell which is better, preferable or recommended due to the numerous types available today.

A Step By Step Buying Guide On Selecting The Best Shoes For Pregnancy

best shoes for pregnancy

Without taking much of your time, come with us as we take you to meet the best shoes for pregnancy which we have rounded up today just to make the search easier for you.

5. Naturalizer Women’s Lifetime

Naturalizer Women's Lifetime The Naturalizer women’s lifetime shoes is one way of upgrading your shoe cabinet and it comes with a zipper closure, elastic top line and an upper made using stretchy fabric which makes sliding your legs in and out of this shoe quite easy and convenient.

Maximum comfort is guaranteed whenever you wear this quality shoes and it also boasts of a unique N5 comfort element which helps in absorbing shock.

Another notable feature is its EVA, low density and molded outsole which makes this shoe bounce, soft and extremely lightweight for great cushioning and flexibility.


  1. Extremely lightweight which allows you wear them without or with socks
  2. Best walking or working shoes ever made
  3. Extremely comfortable as it feels like walking on air


  1. Doesn’t provide as much cushion as required
  2. Comes a little bit too small

4. TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Shoes Casual Mesh Walking Sneakers – Breathable Running Shoes

TIOSEBON Women's Athletic Shoes Casual Mesh Walking Sneakers - Breathable Running Shoes

When it comes to feeling comfortable, you can count on the TIOSEBON women’s athletic shoes as it boasts of a fashionable, natural and simple design.

This shoe offers numerous benefits and one of them includes helping to get rid of shock in every step you take thanks to its thick sole and slip-on design and it is well designed to work together with the human body green, engineering and healthy concept.

Its quality material construction makes it one of the best shoes ever made and it also helps in improving posture, toning, weight loss and carrying buttock.

Other notable features include; latex arch insert, sleek design, stylish, and it can be worn to any casual occasion.


  1. Its orthotics are well designed to fit perfectly
  2. Cute looking shoes and are also comfortable
  3. Easy to put on and take off
  4. Flexible but also provides optimal comfort


  1. Comes a little smaller than expected
  2. Product arrives with a dent


3. Mordenmiss Women’s Casual Solid Color Moccasins Leather Loafer Shoes

Mordenmiss Women's Casual Solid Color Moccasins Leather Loafer Shoes

The MORDENMISS women’s casusal loafer shoes is a durable and long lasting shoe as it is made using 100 percent man made leather which helps to promote long lasting use and these shoes are well designed to perfectly fit the legs which ensures you feel comfortable and relaxed with each step you take.

Suitable for casual, driving and other occasional events, these easy to take off and take on shoes will match any occasion or event and it is also necessary that you check its colors and sizes so as to select the one that best suits you.

This shoe doesn’t cause deformation unlike other low quality material shoes do while its casual, stylish and flexible design makes it one of the best shoes ever made.


  1. Extremely comfortable and affordable shoes
  2. Fits good unlike other low quality shoes
  3. Its soft and comfortable design allows you wear them for up to ten hours


  1. Comes a little bit larger than expected
  2. Doesn’t come with a good cushioning

2. Hee Grand Women Leather Lace-Up Loafer Flats PumpsHee Grand Women Leather Lace-Up Loafer Flats Pumps

Made using 100 percent synthetic and leather materials, the Hee grand women leather lace-up loafer flats pumps is one of the best and durable shoes you would come across as it will last long compared to other low quality shoes out there and this is a flat and casual shoe which can be worn when driving or for leisure when relaxing.

It is also necessary that you go through its various sizes and colors so as to select the one that bests suits you and this shoe comes neatly delivered in a bubble bag.

You can also get this shoe as a gift item for your wife, friend, relative or colleague at work.


  1. Most comfortable and soft shoes ever made
  2. Quick delivery status
  3. Top material construction which promotes durability for long lasting use


  1. Poor stitching as stitches gives way after several use
  2. Does not come with arch support and these causes tired feet

1. Serene Womens Leather Cowhide Casual Lace Up Flat Driving Loafers

Serene Womens Leather Cowhide Casual Lace Up Flat Driving Loafers

Featuring a rubber sole and made using top quality leather material, this quality women’s show from Serene is quite durable and long lasting and it also boasts of a leather upper design which guarantees added durability for long lasting use.

These shoes are quite supple which causes them to stretch easily in order to fit the legs perfectly and thanks to its lace up design, you would get a secure and comfortable fit whenever you put them on.

Another advantage attached to using the Serene women’s loafers is it guarantees a pleasurable walking experience thanks to its rubber outsole which boasts of an anti-slip design and this shoe is perfect for all kinds of casual events or occasions.


  1. Great fit and maximum comfort is guaranteed
  2. Quite comfortable during use
  3. Its wider toe design also helps to boost comfort


  1. This shoe doesn’t provide support for the feet
  2. Comes smaller than expected

Other Ideal Shoes For Pregnancy Includes:

1. LANCROP Women’s Comfortable Walking Shoes – Lightweight Mesh Slip On Athletic Sneakers

best shoes for pregnancyThe LANCROP women’s comfortable walking shoes is one that every woman can count on to meet her everyday needs as it boasts of a mesh upper design which ensures that the feet breathes and enjoys proper ventilation during use and durability was also taken into consideration when designing this high quality shoe as it is made out of premium materials which helps in ensuring long lasting use.

Being flexible, lightweight and fashionable are some of the key features that makes this shoe an outstanding one and it also comes with an easy way to pull it off or put it on thanks to its slip on style. These shoes are ideal for pregnant mothers but can also be used for sport occasions, outdoor, indoor use and any other form of event.


  1. comfortable
  2. recommended for walking and standing for long hours
  3. stylish
  4. easy to wear and pull off


  1. doesn’t provide enough arch support
  2. has an issue with sizing
  3. arch isn’t placed in the proper position

2. UJoowalk Womens Canvas Slip On Sneaker Loafer Flats

best shoes for pregnancyMade using a high quality and original material, this top quality shoe from UJOOWALK  is one that is specially designed bearing durability in mind as the high quality of materials used in its construction helps in ensuring long lasting use and this is one shoe that is also designed to promote comfort, as well as a breathable performance which also guarantees that the feet doesn’t feel any pain during use.

Having an elegant and concise look is one unique feature of this shoe and it is also designed to have an increased shoe texture combined with a high resistance to wear which also contributes to elongating product life. However, one impressive feature of this shoe is its durable and non-slip rubber sole which provides a firm grip and enhances better foot activity while its abrasion and dampening resistance power also helps in boosting comfort.


  1. good looking shoe
  2. promotes comfort
  3. ideal for pregnancy
  4. solidly made shoes
  5. super comfortable


  1. wrong sizing
  2. shoes arrived with glue stains on it

3. ALLY UNION MAKE FORCE Women’s Soft Leather Loafers Flat Slip-on Shoes Casual Driving Boat Shoes

best shoes for pregnancy

Having a lightweight design and also having a loafer style design are some of the highlights of the ALLY UNION MAKE FORCE women’s casual shoes as these features helps in making this shoe fashionable and also comfortable for use and it also boasts of a high and solid craftsmanship which doesn’t just help in ensuring long lasting use but also makes sure that these shoes are perfect for your legs.

One can conveniently slide her foot into this shoe and also take it off with ease thanks to its easy to wear design and the level of comfort that comes with sliding your legs into this shoe makes this same shoe suitable for standing and walking all through the day.

This shoe is suitable for pregnancy, nurses, walking, standing, shopping, driving, indoor, outdoor and even for office use.


  1. extremely comfortable
  2. nicely made shoes
  3. fits perfectly
  4. fashionable
  5. earns you compliments
  6. soft

4. Propet Stability Walker

best shoes for pregnancyWith this shoe , There is a level of guarantee that you would stay and feel light while walking and another major benefit that comes with using this highly rated shoe is the maximum comfort that it brings thanks to its padded tongue and collar design.

Available in various sizes and width, the Proper stability walker is one shoe that is recommended for women with swollen feet thanks to its wide design and this shoe is also well designed to provide you with the best arch support ever thanks to its rubber outsole combined with an EVA midsole which in turn doesn’t only guarantee great traction outdoor but also ensures superior cushioning.


  1. Delivers maximum comfort
  2. Delivers a superb fit
  3. Affordable
  4. provides an amazing amount of support
  5. fashionable
  6. durable


  1. Made using cheap faux leather
  2. Doesn’t deliver much cushioning as described

5. Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker

best shoes for pregnancy

Every step taken with this shoe would certainly feel good and great and one advantage that it has over other products available on the market is its perforated design which promtes better ventilation so as to help the feet stay dry and wick away heat. Its well padded foot-bed and lining would help the feet feel more relaxed and comfortable which in turn makes this shoe the ideal shoe for an active and busy lifestyle.

Whether you intend going out on touring or just for moving about conveniently, this top quality shoe from PROPET is one that can be relied on match an active lifestyle and it is also one that guarantees to provide maximum comfort for the feet for as long as you wear. Obtaining a perfect fit is guaranteed as it comes with easy to adjust straps which guarantees a secure and ideal fit while its well cushioned EVA midsole also helps in providing critical regions with desired cushioning and support.


  1. solidly built
  2. extremely comfortable
  3. fits perfectly
  4. can be used as a gift item
  5. promotes stability


  1. feels like its cheaply made
  2. dull color

Conclusion – What You Should Know

The top pick in this review is the Serene women’s loafers as they are extremely durable, comfortable, will fit the feet due to its stretchy ability as well as being easy to slip off and on. It can also be worn to all kinds of occasion and events which is also why it is sought after by most women. Other shoes listed in this review would also provide you with comfort and support and you are assured that you won’t go wrong getting any shoes for yourself.





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