Best Walking Shoes for Women: A Complete Buying Guide

Walking Is A Form Of Exercise Which Comes With A Lot Of Health Benefits But Before Deciding To Take Or Go On A Walk, One Needs To Have The Right Pair Of Shoes So Check Out These Best Walking Shoes For Women:

Walking is one important exercise that is recommended for everyone but it is highly underrated as most prefer running or jogging.

However, there is a huge difference in a person who takes a walk everyday and in someone who doesn’t and it is also important to the body as walking helps in reducing body fat, providing support for the joint, boosting circulation and keeping you sharp all through the day.

Heath Benefits Of Walking

  • helps in the management and prevention of certain health conditions
  • helps in maintaining a healthy weight
  • helps in enhancing moods
  • helps in providing more strength for the muscles and bones
  • boost coordination and balance

However one needs to own a good and quality pair of walking shoes before achieving any of these

A Complete Guide On Selecting A Good Walking Shoe For Women

Without wasting much time, come with us and meet the best and comfortable products which we have rounded up specially for women to make the search easier.

5. ASICS Women’s Gel-Quickwalk 3 Walking Shoe

Featuring a newly designed upper combined with a rearfoot gel technology, the ASICS women’s gel quick-walk walking shoe is also one of the best and recommended walking shoes for every woman out there.

Featuring the combination of synthetic and mesh uppers, the ASICS women’s gel quick walk walking shoe delivers top performance and value.

One advantage that is associated with using the ASICS shoe is it helps in promoting fitness and healthy lifestyle and this shoe is also recommended for athletes that are driven by performance as well as for other sporting events.


  1. Comfortable and lightweight for walking
  2. Its design and color makes it very attractive
  3. Ensures that you get the support you need when walking
  4. Recommended for uphill walking and strength training


  1. Still hurts the feet after walking miles
  2. Tends to pinch the toes after walking several miles

4. TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Shoes Casual Mesh Walking Sneakers – Breathable Running Shoes

Featuring a natural, comfortable and simple design, the TIOSEBON women’s walking shoes comes with a romantic, happy and novelty feeling.

One of the benefits that come with using this top quality shoe from TIOSEBON is it comes with a thick sole which aids shock absorption as well as having a convenient slip-on design which provides comfort and support in every step.

You are guaranteed that would stay grounded in every step thanks to its rubber sole and this shoe is made using materials that are acceptable by the human body as they as fashionable, safe and environment friendly.

Other reasons that come with using this shoe include correcting posture, toning, weight loss, carrying buttock and more.


  1. Delivers extreme comfort and are well made
  2. Its fabric stretches and delivers a snug fit
  3. Lightweight which ensures they feel less bulky on the legs


  1. Its inner lining keeps coming out which makes wearing quite uncomfortable

3. Ryka Women’s Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoe

Coming with feminine and seamless flowing overlays, the Ryka women’s devo plus 2 walking shoes is a fresh, unique and reliable walking shoe recommended for every woman out there.

One of its impressive features is its four way gradient print found on its breathable mesh which provides this shoe with an attractive and beautiful visual design which ensures it catches every eye.

Using this shoe ensures that you would enjoy maximum comfort with every step you take thanks to its powerful combination of an in-built cushion, comfort collar, lycra lined tongue and a proprietary re-zorb active foam which also provides support with every step taken.


  1. Great walking shoes which delivers maximum comfort
  2. Shoes feels extremely great
  3. Comes in sizes to fit every leg
  4. Recommended for walking exercises too


  1. Its lycra lined tongue isn’t well padded
  2. There is also a problem with sizing


2. Dreamcity Women’s Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

Made using 90 percent of high quality fabric and featuring a top quality rubber sole, the Dreamcity women’s water athletic walking shoes is a must have for every woman and one advantage that comes with using this shoe is it ensures that the foot breathes thanks to its durable and breathable mesh design.

Using this top quality shoe guarantees great durability and unmatched bounce back thanks to its lightweight midsole and you are also rest assured that your leg would enjoy a health and cooler leg environment thanks to its ComfortDry sockliner design.

This shoe is designed in such a way that the feet stays dry and breathes well as it boasts of a hole and open mesh design on its sole while its lightweight design makes provides additional comfort during use.


  1. Recommended for taking long walks and even hiking
  2. Can also be used in wet conditions
  3. Dries quickly and extremely comfortable
  4. Designed to earn you compliments


  1. Its holes are wide enough for stones to enter easily

1. Kunsto Women’s Leather Casual Loafer Flat Shoes

The Kunsto women’s leather casual loafer flat shoes is recommended and a must have for every woman as it boasts of several unique features and advantages.

One of its benefits is it helps to eliminate fatigue and stress so you can walk both outdoors and indoors for a very long time thanks to its lightly padded insole and footbed.

This is one shoe that would deliver optimal comfort, breathable and absorbs moisture as it features a unique leather upper which helps you to stay dry at all times.

You would find this shoe convenient and fit each time you wear as it boasts of an easy slip-on combined with a lace-up design and this shoe is also recommended for traveling or while going on shopping.


  1. Comfortable and lightweight
  2. Doesn’t come off whenever you walk
  3. Recommended for wearing for long hours


  1. Seems a little but loose
  2. Has stitch misalignment issues

Other Interesting Products Include:

1. Skechers Women’s Go Joy 15603 Walking Shoe

best walking shoes for womenMade using high quality textile materials and premium fabrics, this women walking shoe from SKECHERS is one that is absolutely designed bearing durability in mind as it would last for  a very long while thanks to the quality of materials used which ensures users don’t have to worry about getting a replacement anytime soon and it also boasts of a synthetic sole which enables the shoe to transit from one surface to the other conveniently outdoors.

With this shoe, any woman can move quite easily. comfortably and also enjoy a natural and swift motion thanks to its flexibility and lightweight design and being lightweight also enables users or athletes to walk long miles as this shoe won’t hurt any part of the legs. It also boasts of a Gen5 responsive cushioning system which helps in providing great amount of cushioning for the feet especially towards the ankle and arch region.


  1. quite roomy
  2. affordable
  3. comfortable
  4. fits perfectly


  1. difficult to lace properly
  2. quite low at its arches

2. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 A.D.C. All Day Comfort Walking Shoe

best walking shoes for womenThis is another high quality walking shoe for women from the trusted SKECHERS company and this is another shoe that is concerned about durability as every material used in the construction of this shoe are all high of high quality which ensures that athletes don’t have to worry about getting a replacement anytime soon thanks to its long lasting factor.

This shoe is radically lightweight as it will allow athletes to walk several miles while wearing it thanks to the level comfort and support that it brings and it also boasts of a high quality synthetic sole which is well designed and durable enough to provide this shoe with the right traction as well as ensuring it has a firm and secured grip on any outdoor surface so as to prevent foot slippage.

It also boasts of a knitted mesh fabric design which helps to improve ventilation and ensures that the feet stays dry and relaxed during use.


  1. extremely comfortable
  2. extremely soft shoe
  3. good looking shoe
  4. provides support for the back
  5. great cushioning system
  6. fits perfectly


  1. low arch support
  2. larger than expected

3. KONHILL Women’s Lightweight Athletic Running Shoes Walking Casual Sports Knit Workout Sneakers

best walking shoe for womenDurability is also another important factor to note when talking about the KONHILL women walking shoe as it is made using top quality materials in its construction which promotes long lasting use and also ensures it endures vigorous or tough use and it also boasts of a four in combination of being lightweight, soft, durable and providing comfort which makes it every woman’s dream walking shoes.

Whether you want to participate in a walk race, walk for leisure, go on a vacation, running, shopping, horse riding, camping and any other indoor or outdoor activity then this is one shoe which is designed to rise to any occasion and it also comes with a durable and elastic outsole which is highly resistant to slipping and ensures this shoe has a firm and secure grip on the ground as well as making sure that this shoe also has the right amount of traction needed in transiting from one outdoor surface to another.

It also boasts of a well knitted upper design which helps in promoting ventilation and ensuring that the feet stays dry and cool.


  1. fantastic design
  2. easy to wear
  3. extremely comfortable
  4. flexible
  5. lightweight
  6. helps the feet to feel good


  1. allows too much foot movement inside

4. ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

best walking shoes for women

This quality shoe from ASICS is specially designed for use by women and it is highly recommended as it boasts of ASICS high abrasion rubber design which are found in important areas on this shoe for optimal durability. Another notable feature of this top quality shoe is its reversed lug design which provides the right amount of traction for downhill and uphill movement on any terrain.

Unmatched comfort and a great fit are some of the benefits that come with using this top quality shoe and you are also rest assured that you would walk on any terrain conveniently with this shoe thanks to its rugged outsole and rear foot gel cushioning design.


  1. This running shoes delivers an accurate and precise fit
  2. Very comfortable for exercising and running
  3. Provides the ankles and arches with support
  4. Helps in dealing with plantar fasciitis


  1. Not as comfortable as described

5. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

best walking shoes for womenUsers are guaranteed of a superb and superior traction outdoor as this shoe also boasts of a durable and solid rubber outsole which still helps in ensuring smooth and easy or natural motion and it is one which will provide the leg with maximum comfort, protection, support as well as having a great fit.

Made using high quality synthetic materials, the ASICS Men’s Gel Venture 6 running shoe is one that is well designed to last for a very long while as the quality materials used in its construction promotes long lasting use and one impressive feature of this well designed and high quality shoe is the fact that it boasts of a unique gel cushioning system helps in soothing the feet as well as absorbing shock and impact.


  1. great pair of shoe
  2. affordable
  3. fits perfectly
  4. comfortable
  5. durable


  1. a little bit tighter than expected
  2. has a length sizing issue

Final Verdict – What You Should Know

What people don’t know is there are a lot of health benefits that comes with walking and that is why most manufacturers have come up with comfortable walking shoes that would help people feel more comfortable whenever they feel like taking a walk.

For every woman out there, the walking shoes listed above are extremely comfortable and would provide them with the right amount of support and cushion and you are also rest assured that these shoes won’t form blisters on your toes.

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