Top 5 best monitor speakers under $150

You’d be amazed at the number of home studios that have nice midi keyboards, microphones and other equipment but lack “studio monitor speakers” which are very important music equipment for any studio.

Studio monitor speakers are specially designed for music recording and producing. They give accurate sound among all frequencies; tweeters for high frequency and sub-woofer for low frequency. They are ideal for mixing and mastering tracks at any level and are also perfect for your leisure listening.

Choosing your studio monitor speakers may seem a little intimidating at first but then you can overcome this by putting some few aspects into consideration. Here are some of the things you need to think about:

  • Firstly will be your budget: studio monitor speakers are relatively affordable but of course we know that a high budget will definitely get you more accurate monitor speakers with higher performance
  • Monitor size: some people have merely a desk to work with while others have a lot of space but then your studio size shouldn’t determine the monitors you should purchase.
  • Tweeter and woofer size: larger tweeters and woofers can handle more capacity of frequency but then the materials used to make the tweeter and woofer and also their overall build are also very important. You should go for carbon and fiber.

Here are your top 5 studio monitor speakers of high quality and performance that you can get for less than $150.

#5- Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

These monitor speakers are made up of some special components like the Bluetooth connection that allows the pairing of phones, computer or tablet for a hassle free wireless experience, Just the best for any windows, IOS, Macos, or Android device. It also has nice, high grade wood finish with vinyl that will add to the decor of your home.

Its 2 auxiliary inputs make connection to devices with dual RCA output or headphone (3.5 mm) output very convenient. Connection to two devices through the auxiliary can be done at the same time. Its versatile speakers will motivate you to play every device you have got off of them. Confidently connect your TV, computer or gaming console for extraordinary sound quality.

The R1700BT also has in-built Dynamic Range Control (DRC) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that helps prevent distortion. Each speaker has a bass driver (4 inches) and a 19 mm dome tweeter that gives clear highs and rich, smooth lows. Low frequencies are emphasized with the front positioned bass reflex port, giving more power to the bass.

The dials located on the side of the speaker aid total control of bass, treble and audio. With the wireless remote, music can easily be altered from your couch. It has a bass adjustment level of -6 db to +6 db and treble adjustment level of -6 db to +6 db. Digital volume control also automatically resets to a comfortable level once device is turned on.  To select input source, push in volume control dial and then to reset Bluetooth pairing, push and hold volume control dial.

This bookshelf speakers help eliminate the problem of having to mess with the amp. It can be powered on without stress and is really nice for a clean record player setup. It doesn’t require too many cables for its setup. These speakers are knockouts considering the price. They have a nice weight to them that you wouldn’t know they are actually made of real wood. It also looks real nice with the speaker grill off. They have a distortion free and surprising amount of bass that will blow your mind.

Pair your Smartphone to this speaker and you can enjoy nonstop music from your R1700BT with just a touch of a button.

#4- Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

These speakers have slightly similar features with the Edifier R1700BT but also have some distinct components. They have gray speaker grills and a retro wood case look and are a perfect setup for devices with RCA or AUX connection. They can be connected easily to your phone, TV, computer and other devices. They are certainly of high quality and reliability with hassle-free components.

With a combination of modern sense of audio high quality and retro look, the 2 auxiliary inputs allow for effective connection to devices that have a dual RCA output or a 3 mm headphone output. You can connect two devices simultaneously with no switching or plugging required. They produce natural sounds from the 13 mm tweeter.

Volume adjustment at your finger tips with treble and bass control as well. Just like the Edifier R1700BT, they also have a nice wood finish of high quality with vinyl finish that adds to your home decor. Connect the R1280T to your turntables to enjoy the best audio experience. While enjoying the progress in modern day audio technology, enjoy your classic vinyl.

You can tell one of these is an active speaker while the other is a passive speaker just by looking at the back panel. There are two inputs that are perfect for RCA to AUX or RCA to RCA connections located on the back of the active speaker. These two sets of RCA inputs work simultaneously. They can be connected to a laptop, PC, record player, phone or tablet.

A regular speaker wire connects the speakers to each other. The Edifier R1280T has durable physical power (on/off) switch with full range voltage input of 100-240v. The active speaker comes with a built-in tone control at the side. Every time the speakers are turned on, the digital volume control is automatically set to a comfortable level.

#3- Mackie CR Series CR3 – 3″ Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors

Mackie CR Series CR3 - 3" Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors

Mackie CR Series CR3 comes with a studio-quality sound, performance and design appropriate for multimedia entertainment and creation. It has professional-grade parts for maximum sonic performance. It delivers a frequency range of 80 Hz to 20 kHz. With CR3’s speaker placement switch, select the side of your desk for the volume knob.

With its lit power ring, the volume knob gives you power indication and on/off, volume control where you want them. These speakers provide features and sound quality perfect for work, play and every other thing it is required for.

Mackie CR3 3″ monitors are budget friendly and are the perfect size for your bookshelf. They are very easy to hook up and also look fantastic. You get to hear all the nice details in the music with very good lows and highs. The clarity you get, even at low volumes, is simply amazing.

It certainly has a lot of bass and you will be surprised at how much you can get out of these speakers. I would recommend these to anyone looking to get a set of quality monitors plus Chrome cast Audio if you want the wireless option.

#2- Dual Electronics LU43PB High Performance Bookshelf Studio Monitor Speakers

 Dual Electronics LU43PB High Performance Bookshelf Studio Monitor Speakers

The 4-inch 3-way multipurpose speaker set gives a good performance quality sound needed in the studio, and without compromising sound integrity, can work perfectly indoor or outdoor. They are digitally augmented speakers carefully crafted to give you 50 watts of RMS, 100 watts of power, frequency range between 100 Hz and 200 Hz and up to 6 ohms for unrivaled superior sound.

They also produce a natural loud sound from their ¾ inch tweeter and 4 inch woofer to give a remarkable performance. This device can be fixed on the ceiling or the wall, horizontally or vertically with a ninety degree motion range or with a 120 degree motion range for precise high quality sound where required.

The Dual Electronics LU43PB speakers are coated with UV resin that makes them weather resistant. They are placed in an Abs enclosure keeping them protected, thus preserving sound quality and making them wonderful patio players. They come with high quality hassle-free components and have dimensions of 8.25” H x 5.25” W x 5.25” D.

You can also use banana style connectors on the speakers. This can be done by connecting the speaker wires to the banana plugs and thereafter placing the banana plug into the top portion of the binding post. They are light but very powerful weighing only 2.8 lbs. Any space will be transformed into auditory nirvana with the 100 watts of power and the 3-way design also gives maximum sound quality. All mounting hardware is also included.

#1-Arion Legacy Studio Quality 2.0 Speakers

Arion Legacy Studio Quality 2.0 Speakers

These high quality speakers come with handmade design you don’t get these days with the finest and highest quality. Through 3.5 mm plug, they are Ideal for big home offices and can be connected to mixers, turntables, phonographs, TV, PC and mobile devices. Each speaker has a dimension of 11.3” by 8.7” by 7.9” and weighs 28 pounds.

It has controls for treble, bass and volume, and other features for lifelike reproduction and musicality. Other components present include; I inch tweeters, 5 inch polypropylene woofers and 4 class AB amplifiers. It also comes with RCA audio cable, one foot speaker wire and a user manual. These speakers are perfect for music production, mixing or if you are just interested in experiencing affordable, unrivaled studio quality sound.

For a listening experience that will leave you at awe, this device beautifully improves your sounds with loud, crystal clear frequencies. They have high performance amplifiers, low resonance cabinet design and noise reduction materials that help improve sound quality and accuracy. It is affordable and brings the power of real studio monitor sound quality.

These speakers deliver high quality sounds so that each note and instrument is heard like the recording artist did. They also reproduce sounds with such clarity that not so many traditional speakers can equal. The highest quality of technologies and components were utilized in designing these speakers. You will be amazed at the clarity and life it brings to your music regardless of the applications it connects to.


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