Top 5 Best Pomade for Curly Hair: A Complete Buying Guide

Most people when defining men tend to use their cologne, wallet, watch, pair of shoe or even their belt but that isn’t the key feature as the hair is being neglected.

It is normal to actually grade a man based on his accessories but what matters most is how his hair is styled. A good hair will surely make you look like a gentleman but to achieve this look, you must have the right hair product and that is hair pomade.

What we would be looking at today are hair pomades for curly hair.

Why Use Pomades For Curly Hairs?

Even though most men tend to prefer waxes and gels, it is quite important and beneficial to apply pomades on the hair as they would help in offering the hair that sleek and slick look and pomades are only suitable for use certain hairstyles such as undercut, side part, quiff and pompadours.

These styles cannot be obtained by applying a wax or gel on the hair and you should also know that it is only pomades that would allow you to restyle your hair as well as bringing a better level of moisture which helps in delivering non-flaking and attractive look.

A Complete Guide On Selecting A Good Pomade For Curly Hairs


Without wasting further time, take a walk with us and meet the best products which will provide you with that sleek, stylish and savvy look.

5. Admiral Classic Pomade (Strong Hold/Medium Shine) 4oz – Paraben Free – Professional Grade Formula for Straight, Thick or Curly Hair

You would love making use of this pomade as it is well formulated to compliment you and not over-power you and it also gives off a natural aroma which isn’t overpowering as well.

The Admiral Classic pomade is one of the highly rated pomades that you would come across today when shopping for one and it is also safe for use as it is made using 100 percent natural plant based ingredients and not harsh chemicals or parabens.

Featuring an advanced proprietary formula, the Admiral Classic pomade will help you in obtaining any classic style of your choice and one of the reasons why this hair pomade is popular and widely used by customers is because it comes with a strong and natural hold which fights against helmet head but makes sure every piece of hair stays in place.


  1. Offers that perfect shine
  2. Smells great
  3. Formulated to do the trick
  4. Has a nice hold
  5. Also has a natural feel


  1. Not suitable for use on thick hairs

4. Layrite Pomade, Super Hold, 4.25 Ounce

One pomade that you can use freely on curly hairs is he Layrite super hold pomade which is well formulated to offer you from a medium shine to a low shine depending on what you want and one reason why this pomade is widely used and loved among most customers is because it can be applied easily and also distributed easily throughout the hair for an effective result.

Another advantage that comes with using the Layrite pomade is it dries clean and light which ensures that you hair stays in place all day long and unlike other low quality pomade that flakes, the Layrite pomade doesn’t flake and can be washed off easily using water.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Can be restyled
  3. Has a strong hold
  4. Smells great
  5. Leaves you with either a matte or shiny finish


  1. Isn’t water resistant
  2. Leaves small residue on the hands after wash off

3. Forming Cream for Men – Hair Styling Cream for High Hold & Matte Finish – Best Pliable Formula for Modern, Classic & Slick Styles

The smooth Viking forming cream for men is the cream that is well formulated to offer the hair any style it wants and if you are interested in getting a professional look, an edgy look or even a matte look then look no further as the Smooth Viking forming cream for men is all you need.

Whether you have a wavy, curly, thin, thick, short or long hair, this highly formulate forming cream would work great on it and the reason why this cream is rated among the best and widely used today is because it boasts of a unique ingredient combination such as beeswax, argan oil, natural soybean and green tea extracts which ensures that the scalp remains nourished and healthy.


  1. Offers you that gentleman look
  2. Comfortable hold
  3. Doesn’t dry the scalp out
  4. Offers a nice and clean finish
  5. Has a pleasant smell


  1. Requires using a large amount to get desired results

2. Mythical Pomade for Men and Women – Medium Hold – Matte Finish – Water Based – Unisex – Hair Paste for Straight, Thick and Curly Hair

The Mythical pomade is one that is recommended for both women and men and it is specially formulated to offer you that natural and attractive look thanks to its no crunch water based formula and unlike other low quality products, you would find this one quite easy to use as it is greasy and can be washed out easily.

This is one pomade that you would fall in love with as it comes with a sweet and pleasant scent and it will offer you any look of your choice as it is made using high quality ingredients such as omega fatty acids, vitamins, argan oil and jojoba oil which would go soft and nourish the scalp.

Whether you have a curly, straight, thin, thick, long, short, or wavy hair, this pomade would be effective on it and it is safe for use so you have nothing to worry about.


  1. Works very well
  2. Doesn’t leave behind residue or glue
  3. Has a nice smell
  4. Offers a great hold
  5. Delivers a great finish


  1. Little bit harsh as it can leave a hole in your cars headrest
  2. Doesn’t deliver a matte finish

1. Pomade for Men – Medium Hold & High Shine – Hair Styling Formula for Straight, Thick and Curly Hair – 2 OZ – Smooth Viking

When considering good pomade for curly hair, the smooth Viking men’s hair pomade combined a water based hair styling agent which works effectively in giving the hair a dapper and stylish look and when talking about being easy to use, great styling and high quality ingredients then this is the pomade that you can rely on.

If you want to take your hair from that ordinary to an extraordinary look then the smooth Viking pomade for men is the best product that would give you that look.

One of the benefits that comes with using this high quality product is you don’t have to worry about what ingredients you are applying on your hair as it is made using high quality and safe ingredients which would go gently and won’t cause any damage to the hair.


  1. Doesn’t make the hair look crunchy
  2. Helps in keeping the hair under control
  3. Recommended for everyday use
  4. Offers the hair nice volume


  1. Not suitable for use on curly hair as intended
  2. Has an awful smell

Other Exciting Products Includes;

1.Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold, 4 Oz

looking forward to styling your hair side parts, slick backs and even pompadours then the SUAVECITO pomade firme hold is one product for you to look out for as it is well formulated to help manage the hair and it is also a water soluble product as it tends to wash off immediately without requiring washing with soaps or shampoos.

applying this pomade on the hair also means you can style the hair with ease as it would provide a firm grip which guarantees reduced scruffy mess but maximum stability while applying this pomade to damp hairs helps to enhance their shine.


  1. high value product
  2. has a firm grip or hold on the hair
  3. unique matter finish
  4. scents great
  5. affordable


  1. excess fragrance

2.Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, 4 oz

whether it is for use on long hairs or short hairs, the SUAVECITO pomade original hold boasts of maximum flexibility which allows users to style their easily and this is one pomade that would wash off easily after use as it is a water soluble product which also leaves behind no greasy, white or oily residue but leaves the hair with either a retro, modern or classic look that would last all through the day.

it is suitable for hair stylists and even for professional use as it helps to give the hair a suitable and perfect shine and it is also a high quality product as it contains active and powerful ingredients that leaves effective results on the hair.


  1. stays firmly in place
  2. works great
  3. fast delivery service
  4. scents great


  1. scent is overpowering

3.BEST DEAL Pomade for Men 4oz – Firm Strong Hold & High Shine for Classic Styling – Water Based & Easy to Wash 

with this well formulated product, one can easily create any style of his choice on his way be it side parts, slick backs and pompadours and it is also the trusted product that would help in creating a classic, formal, retro or modern look.

safety was taken into consideration when producing this pomade as it is made using high quality and without harsh chemicals which would damage or dry out the hair and thanks to its water soluble property, this pomade would wash off easily without leaving behind any messy residue.


  1. lasts all through the day
  2. high quality product
  3. holds the hair well
  4. helps in creating several styles


  1. contains harmful chemicals

4. Pomade by Battle Born Grooming Co | All Natural Unorthodox Water Based Pomade | 4 oz | 113 g

made using premium natural ingredients, this is one pomade for men that has been well formulated to meet certain safety and standards and it comes with a firm hold and leaves behind a shiny finish which is why it is a must have for every man out there.

styling your hair using this pomade is quite easy as well as washing it off as it would not leave behind any messy residue and it is also suitable for use on all types of hairs. it also doesn’t contain harmful ingredients but contains organic and natural ingredients which makes it totally safe for use on all hairs.


  1. has a nice pomade
  2. unique fragrance
  3. feels great
  4. provides users with any kind of look
  5. lasts for a while


  1. expensive

5. JONATHAN DIRT Texturizing Pomade Paste,For Straight, Thick and Curly Hair 3.35 Ounce

suitable for both men and women, this well formulated pomade for curly hairs is one that is made using natural botanical extracts which works effectively in improving, strengthening and repairing damaged hairs as well as enhancing its feel and shine and it would also work effectively in giving the hair a definition as well as for styling hairs.

one benefit that comes with using this quality pomade for curly hair is it contains sugar emollients which works effectively in boosting hair texture and condition and it is also suitable for use on short to medium sized hairs. it would also help in conditioning the hair, adding more volume and leaving it with a perfect shine.


  1. no sticky or greasy residue
  2. improves texture
  3. lasts long
  4. smells great
  5. versatile


  1. scent is quite overpowering

Final Verdict – What You Should Know

When considering the best hair pomade for men, the Pomade for Men – Medium Hold & High Shine is rated as the best in this review as it is well formulated to provide your hair with that exceptional style, spark and glow.

Several benefits are attached to using this highly rated product but there are still other products listed above that you can also take a look at if the best doesn’t catch the eye.


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